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Texas drug cases drive record number of U saw a record number of exonerations in 2014, and it was due in part to 33 Texas cases in which people had their drug convictions dismissed after lab tests determined they never had illegal substances, a report released Tuesday shows. The National Registry of Exonerations said 125 NFL jerseys china people falsely convicted of crimes were exonerated last year. That’s 34 more than in 2013, the year with the previous highest total. since 1989. The breakdown in 2014 was typical of previous years, with homicides and sex crimes making up more than half with 65 cases. Texas had the most exonerations with 39. New York was second with 17. But the big difference in 2014 was an increase in cases where individuals convicted on drug related charges were exonerated by lab tests that showed they didn’t have controlled substances, said Samuel Gross, a Michigan law professor and registry editor. in 2014, Houston’s Harris County had 33 of them. Inger Chandler, chief of the conviction review section with the
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